The backpack’s back

Hi Re’Belles,

There’s no denying it anymore, the backpack’s back, in all shapes and forms. Backpacks aren’t only for children and students anymore, they’re taking over runways and can be found in every fashionista’s closet. This time, we’re sharing our favorite ones with you guys. From simple to chic and cheap to overpriced…

Simple: First up, are the simple and elegant ones. Our definite fave’s. You can wear them with anything and they give your look that extra sophisticated touch. If you want a backpack that goes with every outfit, opt for a neutral colour, like black or grey. Do you want something more special, but still all-round? Go for nude!


Cute: The cute ones are perfect to combine with some bluejeans or a babydoll dress if you’re looking for something a little bit fancier than a classic backpack. Femininity guaranteed.



Cool and tough: These ones are for our edgy ladies out there. An accessory to combine with ripped short and a leather jacket.



Eye catchers: Have you ever seen the movie ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’? Yeah, these last few backpacks have the same kind of ‘exclusivity’-factor. They’re real eye catchers and definitely not a perfect fit for everyone. They’re love it or leave it items, which makes them the perfect accessory if you want to turn some heads.

Leave a comment with which one is your fave <3 !


Simple: Dune & Henri Bendel

Cute: Skinny Dip London & Guess 

Cool and tough: Zara & Michael Kors

Eye catchers: Fendi, Kenzo, Moschino



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