Cartier Louise in Brussels is known for its fancy stores and charming lunch spots. Midst these pricey, sophisticated places, you can find G spud.
G spud is a fast-moving but also serene place, perfect for a fast yet nutritious meal. I’m a sucker for a good concept, so of course I went in and gave it my most critical review ;)

G Spud’s mantra is “deliciously healthy”, which they accomplish through delicious baked patato’s topped off with healthy, fresh ingredients.
There’s a small but varied menu to choose from, but you can also customize your own bowl. Prices range from 5 to about 13 euros. I had a hard time choosing, but I went for the simplest one, because I just love veggies.


So, I’m going to be honest, it wasn’t me who discovered this place. One day, between periods, my friend took me there. And I swear to you, the vibe was so chill and relaxed, I could’ve sat there all day long (opposed to being in class haha).

I’d love to go back in the summertime, because they had the cutest little terrace outside, with some oldschool wooden gardentables and -chairs, painted broken white which gave it that modern, zen feel.

Not only the food is worth the trip, also the vibe at this place is terrific. You can just step in whenever you like, order at the till, pay and take your tray with you. The interior is a mixture of zen, simple and cosy. All in all I got this laid back vibe, while eating some good food! This really was the perfect passtime between classes.

And you know that feeling when you’re trying to eat healthy, but feel like you’re torturing yourself by saying no to every little unhealthy thing? Well then this is definitely the place for you. Not that I’m the healthiest person alive, but I really appreciate these kind of meals, where you don’t feel like you’re pressuring yourself into being healthy. Perfect!



Healthy? YES
Fast? YES
Delicious? YES
Affordable? YES
Need I say more?

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